Yak Chew (The Real Deal)

Yak Chew (The Real Deal)

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Limited Stock/Inventory - We have a limited stock and are currently drying out 200 lbs of yak chews. Please contact us if you request a size out of stock, we will put you on our waitlist or you may pre-order.


We often hear, "What is it?"  Yak chews made with real yak milk are hardened cheese that definitely contains a substantial amount of protien as a major nutrient. Dump the chemical green sticks and move over to a healthy option. Yak chews provide dental benefits by helping remove plaque and tarter. Better than the boxed store brand.


Each yak is long lasting, sustainable and safe for consumption.  Bully sticks, deer antlers, rubber (ewh) chews are all different with a varied list of pros and cons. Yak chews don't form sharp pieces. There is no bacterial growth (DO NOT refrigerator or keep in a sealed container, a blessing in Hawaii! Humdity won't hurt!). Yaks have a high protein content and can be eaily digested even if a small piece is swallowed.


Did you know - You can micorwave the small pieces and have a doggo cheese puff!  Your yak do not contain chemicals. They are naturally procesed without additives, preservatives, flavouring or chemicals. 



100% Himalayian Dog Chew made with Organic Yak Milk, Organic Grass Fed Cow Milk, Lime and Salt.  Up to:  Jumbo 8" (1 qty), Up to:  Large bag 7"(1 1/2 qty ),  Up to: Medium 5-6"(2 qty), small 3-4"( 2-3 qty) to equal the total weight. We really think size doesn't matter. 


Bigger, Stronger, Better. Specifiy the size to match your dog's best chew potential. These are long lasting! No Resell, Limit 5 per order

    Size Matters

    Paradise Pawz

    We are feeling lucky:

    Coupon Code:  BOGO and you'll receive half-off one Yak Chew when you buy one.

    Coupon code: Luckydog  and Save 20% when you order any Treat or St. Pawty Day them box set. Orders must be received by 3/12/21 (All Holiday orders ship by 3/12/21 for safe arrival).

    *** Some ORDERS TAKE 4-6 Days to bake and process.  You will be notified via email when items shipped and/or are ready for pickup.**

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