The Journey Iz the Reward

I always find it's easier to talk about our great products than who we are. About us? It's really not about us at all. It's about every dog out there that we've loved and lost along the way. It's about the dogs that we were lucky enough to be loved by.

In 2007 I got my second Newfoundland, Izzy. She was my first show dog. She was my working dog, my therapy dog but mostly, she was my heart dog.

We had a tough personal life not worth reliving but when we became courageous, we left that life, just me, my son and my Newfies.

Things were manageable. I was trying to get back on my feet providing a stable environment for my son and food for those dogs along the way. It wasn't until I noticed a lump on Izzy's paw. A lump like no other that wasn't there just two days prior.

To be brief, it was a heart sinking slow painful journey that I was going to face head-on with her. She was my best friend. She was the one I told everything to. She was the one that got me though the roughest times. I had to fight for her.

I took Izzy to my vet. He knew, but said we needed to x-ray her paw. Off she went and when they returned he sat on the floor hugging her in tears. Izzy was special, everyone loved her. He looked at me and said,  "3 weeks". Three weeks of what? Meds? Special foods? "No, three weeks to live".

No. No was my answer. I am not letting cancer take her from me. Wait, not just cancer. No, we had to go big. It was Osteosarcoma. Survival rate? Zero percent. We've dealt with Kidney, Liver, DCM, IBS, Dysplastic hips, pyometria. Now, you're going to toss this at me?

The next few weeks were a struggle. We had an Oncologist, Avanelle Turner, DVM, an internist, a dermatologist, a hyperbaric chamber and support from Cornell, Penn State (Private Vet), UC Davis and a professor from USF. 

We had it all or so we thought. Month after month, after a toe amputation and 3 rounds of chemo (Carboplatin) we had zero secondary cancer spread. I attribute much of it to her nutritional plan provided by the professor. Kill the sugar, kill the cancer. 

Month 7, I got a phone call.  Izzy's brother passed away from an enlarged liver condition. Izzy was the only girl in a litter of 4.  He didn't make it to his 7th birthday. After research on their line, I found out that Izzy's mom passed at the same age of the same liver condition. A week later, her other brother passed.

Within a month of her first brother passing, Izzy developed cracks on her paw pads that began to bleed, unrelated to her cancer. An ultrasound showed that her liver was enlarged.

So to make this brief, they say dogs will tell you when it's time to go. I think she was trying to tell me for awhile but didn't want to let me down so she stayed longer than her body allowed. 

On a day I will never forget, I sat in a room with my son and Oncology team and I let Izzy go, promising her that we'd meet in Paradise.

After her journey to the rainbow bridge, I packed up my son and Izzy's ashes and moved to Hawaii. It took awhile to get back into the swing of treat making. However, after reading labels and realizing what many think are good treats really are just fillers, chemicals and sugar, we launched Paradise Pawz. Our mission, to treat every dog the way you want to be treated. 

Now after two years of meeting dog owners with similar stories, we went for it. We have a great local presence and successful e-commerce treating dogs of all shapes, sizes and conditions. Our treats are 100% locally sourced in Hawaii from growers and farmers that have the same high values.

After all, the Journey Iz the Reward.