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Help your pet stay healthy

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At Paradise Pawz, you can be assured of local organic high quality, human-grade ingredients using gentle cooking techniques to preserve nutrients.


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Always Grain Free
Always Organic & Healthy

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Michelle Ichikawa

Dog Chef & Founder

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only person looking for a healthier alternative to my pet’s food and treats.  With what started as a journey of research for a better way and baking, it's turned into a community of like minded individuals wanting to strike a balance between giving natural food and having it nutritionally complete.


Every year of good health is definitely something to celebrate, and we look forward to helping you and your pet on their journey to a good, long and healthy life. We’ll be here to help as best we can!


Come Visit Us!

Grand Opening June 2021!

Come Join US at Dogtown Bakery!

This is where our community was strengthened: through friendships of owners and their beloved pets and sharing of stories, pet care tips, and just meeting each other!

If you’re looking for a cozy place to hang, your pet loves socializing and you’re ready for some extra fun, then this is great for meeting pet lovers and practicing responsible pet ownerships…all in a cozy atmosphere.

Unable to join us, send us a message!

600 Kailua Rd., Suite 107, Kailua HI 96734

+1 (808)-862-2800

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